Mr. Oesteen’s Trinkets

It is wicked to teach that God promises material wealth in this earthly life if you will simply have enough faith. It is wicked because it is false, inasmuch as that is not a promise that God makes to every person, but it is also wicked because it makes too much of material wealth. The... Continue Reading →


Be Of Good Fear

It's worth noting how many times in the Christmas story people are told not to fear. Gabriel appears to Mary and says it, implying she must have looked scared. I would have, too. Angels don't look like babies with wings. Read Ezekiel. And an army of angels, a "host," blisters the night sky over a... Continue Reading →

Your Life As A House

I was thinking this morning during a conversation with my wife.  That happens a lot on Saturday mornings, because we both drink coffee and the kids quiet down as we drive around our side of town and sight see.  The thoughts were about people we know who claim to be Christians, and think they are... Continue Reading →

To the Lost and Abused

You are not forgotten.  You are not irrelevant.   This world of sin and sinners is often a place where young girls are sexually abused.  Where little boys are ignored by their fathers or beaten by their fists.  Where the small or disadvantaged are trampled by the anger or selfishness of warped men with warped... Continue Reading →

A Father Story

A man had a son, whom he loved and raised. Everything a dad should be to a boy, this man was. He taught him right from wrong, he provided for his needs, and he always had the boy's best interests at heart. But through no fault of this father's, as the boy became a teenager... Continue Reading →

4 Thoughts On God and Race

The Holy Spirit spoke through His Word at Velocity Church in the Cincinnati neighborhood of Price Hill today.  Pastor Steve Staton expounded Jesus' story of the Good Samaritan in Luke 10 to a gathered group of people who were probably 50/50 black/white.   And I wrote down a few thoughts. The Gospel of forgiveness for... Continue Reading →

45 Seconds On Belief

   Everyone is living out some system of belief.  The question simply comes down to which one.  Are you living out the belief system that this world and what it has to offer are the best or only prize?  Or do your steps, which always speak better than words about what a person really believes,... Continue Reading →

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