A Question for a Roman Catholic Theologian

You know what’s absent from any book of the Bible outside of the Gospels? Mary. If Mary is intended to be such a central part of the Christian life, if she intercedes for us and works for us and cares for us and we’re supposed to pray to her, why is her name not anywhere... Continue Reading →


Texting Romans 5:14

   Just in case it'd be helpful, I'm passing along my answers to some questions someone texted me about the Romans 5:14.  The person was reading the NIV translation of it.   Happy Monday! Nevertheless, death reigned from the time of Adam to the time of Moses, even over those who did not sin by... Continue Reading →

A Healthy Christian

   2 observations: 1) I almost never meet a healthy Christian who isn't plugged in to a local church. 2) Almost every time I meet someone who claims Christ but is not involved in any local church there turns out to be some fairly noteworthy sin or lack of spiritual growth going on in the person's life.  ... Continue Reading →

15 Seconds On Eleos

   Mercy is what founded the church.  The impenetrable walls of the Kingdom of Christ, the ink of His redemptive Story, is the unmerited love of God.  His inexplicable, unsearchable adoration for His formerly wretched people.   The power that held back the deep waters of an Egyptian sea for Moses and that killed 185,000 soldiers... Continue Reading →

45 Seconds On the Bible

   I wouldn't trade the Bible's hard edges for anything in the world.  They're where I'm cut in order to be healed.  They're where I'm shocked out of a world of warm rooms with nice carpet and easy internet access into a world of sin and death where the God of the universe is remaking... Continue Reading →

60 Seconds of Christmas Cheer

   I just want to take a second to celebrate and commend Jesus the Savior, whose entering this fractured world we commemorate on Christmas.   If you feel like a failure, a hopeless or depressed mess of a man or woman, He can be Good News for you.   If you have bought the lies... Continue Reading →

A Confession for Good

I got sucked in to the TV show M*A*S*H* when I was a teenager. That's not the confession. Well, not entirely anyway. I had never really had a cause, up to that point. Then I found this show on satellite TV at about sixteen, and I became mesmerized by the lead character Hawkeye's sarcastic, unwavering... Continue Reading →

Church Love

I'm going to ask you for something in a minute. But let me set the stage, first. Guys, let those of us who have been saved by grace through faith in Jesus and who are parts of local churches love the Christians whom God has bound us together with. Let's care for our fellow church... Continue Reading →

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