The Best Punch Is Knowing Who We Are

You will never have a meaningful, full-blooded response to the sin of racial hatred without a robust, widespread, unequivocal belief that human beings are universally made in the image of God. And in that regard, the fights against racism and against abortion are fights that call for the same punch. Our culture (the mood and... Continue Reading →


60 Seconds On the Best Answer for Racial Hate

A political solution cannot thoroughly revolve a moral problem.  Moral problems involve what a man loves, what he hates, why his heart wants one thing over another and why it leads him to one action instead of another.  Racial hatred involves selfishness, contempt, anger, fear.  These things can’t be changed in a man by legislation,... Continue Reading →

I Know Someone Who Can Kill Your Racism

I write as a Christian, here.  And the Christian has a unique calling in the face of things like Charlottesville, because the Christian has something that can truly dismantle these evils.    For as many of you as were baptized into Christ have put on Christ. There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither... Continue Reading →

4 Thoughts On God and Race

The Holy Spirit spoke through His Word at Velocity Church in the Cincinnati neighborhood of Price Hill today.  Pastor Steve Staton expounded Jesus' story of the Good Samaritan in Luke 10 to a gathered group of people who were probably 50/50 black/white.   And I wrote down a few thoughts. The Gospel of forgiveness for... Continue Reading →

Let Us Go First

   It's a Christian thing to listen.  It's a Christian thing to allow someone to give his perspective, finish his sentence, share his experience while not judging him or getting overly defensive.  It's the flesh that belittles and dismisses and refuses to ever give the person on the other side the benefit of the doubt.... Continue Reading →

60 Seconds On a Man Named Rick Tyler

   A man named Rick Tyler is running for the United States Congress in Tennessee, and he decided to try and drum up name recognition by putting up a billboard that reads "Make America White Again."  I only really got nauseated when in a local television interview I heard him say that he was a Christian and... Continue Reading →

A Plea for Tolerance

The numbers indicate that there is a group of human beings the United States has chosen not to tolerate. Or, to phrase it another way, there is a group of human beings our country has chosen to allow murderous intolerance towards. Since 1975, each calendar year has seen at least one million infants murdered while... Continue Reading →

At Least She’s Honest

From an editorial in today's Cincinnati Enquirer, by Verna Williams, a University of Cincinnati law professor: "History shows that marriage is what we say it is." I do not think history is filled with government-sanctioned unions between men with other men or women with other women, but that's beside my point. My point: That sentence... Continue Reading →

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