Politics Is Too Small A Story

 So this past weekend the New York Times published an editorial that I think was pretty revealing about a pulse I sense in the current American bloodstream.  If I can put a name to that pulse:  A lot of Americans currently see themselves primarily as actors in a political play.  Whether they are Republicans or Democrats, conservatives... Continue Reading →


7 Reasons Why I Vote but Don’t Obsess

   Every 4 years I feel the temptation to put my deepest hopes in a human being (or a human cause).  And every 4 years I have to then remind myself that (though I love and want to bless my Earthly nation) I am a citizen of a better country.   I will vote this... Continue Reading →

Political Woes

   I believe it's good for a politically-inclined person (like myself) who claims Christ (like myself) to periodically ask himself:   Do I treasure my politics more than Jesus?   Am I more fascinated by the kingdoms of this world than the Kingdom of God? I've had to ask and answer my own conscience, in this... Continue Reading →

Tame My Heart

   The Bible tames the heart of the Christian caught up in a particular day, place, and political and cultural landscape.  It reminds him, "Oh, that's right.  I'm supposed to think like that."  It helps him to remember that he is more Christian than Republican/Democrat/American/millennial/white/black/Asian/European. In fact, let me put it this way:  I should... Continue Reading →


When you're unsure what to believe about pain, the future, the meaning of your life (or the meaning of your Tuesday), cling to the Bible and the God who wrote it. When the smart, argumentative unbeliever at work asks you the question you can't answer very well ("Where was God during the Holocaust?"), when he... Continue Reading →

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