A Question for a Roman Catholic Theologian

You know what’s absent from any book of the Bible outside of the Gospels? Mary. If Mary is intended to be such a central part of the Christian life, if she intercedes for us and works for us and cares for us and we’re supposed to pray to her, why is her name not anywhere... Continue Reading →


3 (Political Season) Wishes

   I wish someone would tell each candidate who hurls a rebuttal insult at another that rudeness isn't strength.  Refusing to let things go is childish, sinful.  Overlooking an insult isn't a sign of weakness; real forgiveness requires more strength than bitterness or pettiness.  The strongest Man who ever lived was also the most willing to... Continue Reading →

Why We Must Warn

This is a plea for those who, for whatever reason, think it is bad to warn people who follow Jesus (or those looking for Jesus) away from certain teachers: Please understand that it is good, Godly, necessary, healthy, loving, and God-commanded to give such warnings. But first, from my heart, understand that the following are... Continue Reading →

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