A School Shooting Prayer From 100 Years Before There Were School Shootings

From Charles Spurgeon, English pastor (1834-1892): And now that we have Your ear, we pray for this poor world in which we live. We are often horrified by it. Lord, for our own comfort, we wish that we did not know anything about it. We have said, 'Oh, for a cabin in some wilderness.' We... Continue Reading →


60 Seconds On Evil and God’s Judgment

One of the things the reality of the day of final judgment can do is give you comfort when you are confronted with violent, vicious evil.  God is a Judge, and He is returning.  So every finally unrepentant rapist or murderer or child abuser (or liar or gossip) will give an account and receive God’s... Continue Reading →

To the Lost and Abused

You are not forgotten.  You are not irrelevant.   This world of sin and sinners is often a place where young girls are sexually abused.  Where little boys are ignored by their fathers or beaten by their fists.  Where the small or disadvantaged are trampled by the anger or selfishness of warped men with warped... Continue Reading →

2 Kinds of Abolition

From an abolitionist of 2 kinds, posted in our digital town square, here, for public interest and consumption: "God defines 'human.'  Not you, not me, and not any stakeholders in this awful enterprise.  God Is the Author of these persons we call human beings. "He is the one who tells us, in His Word, how they... Continue Reading →

When You See Something Terrible

I wrote the following* to my wife after seeing a movie with some realistic, hard-to-stomach bad deeds in it (if you're curious, this is a post explaining why I try to steer clear of outright horror movies anymore). There are sick and twisted things in the world. And we know they are bad and sick... Continue Reading →

When the One Who is Offended is Wrong

The words "offended" and "offensive" carry a lot of weight, a lot of cultural currency, in our day and place. For most 21st century Americans, if someone tells you what you just said was "offensive," the conversation stops, your heart speeds up, your palms get a little sweaty. You just did something terrible, and you're... Continue Reading →

Real Social Justice

A little exercise: I went through the book Amos and wrote the letters "RSJ" next to every time God described real social justice or rebuked real social injustice. I figured God was a more reliable source of information on justice than Huffington Post or PBS or a Rolling Stone article. Here are a few insights... Continue Reading →

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