For Future Writings,

Since my novel came out earlier this year, I’ve been maintaining a web site that will house all my future blogs, short free fiction pieces, and other online writings, while also being a place people can here about any future books. That web site’s address is below. I’m sorry for taking so long to explain... Continue Reading →

Nightmare and Coffee

*Part 1 of a serial story of a Christian with a problem.It would be an exaggeration to say that Grant felt like a kid sitting there in front of the coffee shop, trying to feel less weird about all of this. But it wouldn’t be far off the mark. Had he actually been himself as... Continue Reading →


What you believe about where human beings came from will have implications for how you view and how you treat the elderly, the chronically ill, the unborn, people with disabilities. Humans being being descended from a pair made directly by God in His image would account for why each and every human has inherent worth... Continue Reading →

The Christian Rift of the Last Few Years

A rift has been felt within Biblical/conservative/evangelical Christianity the last 5-6 years. Brothers and sisters, pastors and theologians and public Christian voices, have felt a gap where 8 or 10 years ago there wasn't one. In many cases these people subscribe to the same confessional statements (Westminster Confession of Faith, Baptist Faith & Message, Apostle's... Continue Reading →

Debut Novel

My first novel should be coming out later this year from Stone Table Books, an imprint of Wipf & Stock. Details to come on my new site, “I WAS HERE WHEN THE WORLD WAS WET…” On a summer morning in 1892, the Massachusetts village of Sunbury awakes to find two newly buried bodies unearthed... Continue Reading →

Parenting and Standards

One of the wars I'll have to wage until the Lord calls me home is against a cold, rigorous, contemptuous sort of legalism that the sinful parts of my old heart want to employ in parenting. I want to have standards and then maintain a clear sense of discontent when those standards are not met.... Continue Reading →

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